Cover image: In Bakhmut district, November 23, 2022. LAURENT VAN DER STOCK FOR “WORLD”

  • Russian bombing of Ukrainian infrastructure on Wednesday left at least ten people dead and fifty-one injured, as well as cutting off electricity and water., mainly in the capital, Kyiv. According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Moscow fired about seventy cruise missiles into Ukraine, fifty-one of which were shot down, and also sent five suicide drones.
  • This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.about fifteen regions faced problems in the supply of water and electricity. “The electricity situation remains difficult in almost all regions. However, we are gradually moving away from blackouts and reconnecting electricity for new consumers every hour.”he said.
  • French diplomacy announced “strengthen their mobilization for the benefit of the Ukrainian people”. Before going into detail about his help: “In response to the appeal of Ukraine The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is currently transporting 100 generators from 50 to 100 kW to Romania. These generators will be handed over to the Ukrainian authorities in the coming days. »
  • “These actions clearly constitute war crimes,” said French diplomacy. “This systematic attack on the population as winter approaches reflects Russia’s clear desire to inflict suffering on the Ukrainian people, deprive them of water, heat and electricity in order to undermine their resilience. »
  • French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday that “direct contact” with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, “in the next few days”in particular, the Ukrainian civil nuclear industry is a concern.
  • “At temperatures below 0°C, tens of millions of people without power, without heating and without water is a clear crime against humanity.”Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized in a brief statement to the United Nations (UN) Security Council.
  • After these strikes three nuclear power plants were built. “disabled” electrical network, without any consequences for the level of radiation at this stage. The supply of Zaporozhye (South), occupied by the Russians, was stopped.
  • Moldova, already suffering from serious energy problems caused by the war in Ukraine, has become a victim of “massive blackouts”Andriy Spinu, Deputy Prime Minister, complained about it.
  • On the diplomatic front The European Parliament on Wednesday named Russia“state propagandist of terrorism”, in a vote almost nine months after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He also reported that his website had been cyberattacked by “pro-Kremlin group”.
  • US announces new $400 million military aid to Ukraine for additional weapons, ammunition and air defense systems. The UK has sent the first Sea King helicopter to Ukraine and plans to provide two more.

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