The parents of a little girl who was filmed jumping on an airline seat tray table – and repeatedly bouncing passengers on the other side – have become hot on social media for allowing the incident to happen.

In footage shared to social media sites including Reddit and Twitter, a little girl, possibly three or four years old, is seen jumping on an unlocked tray table during the flight.

He jumped repeatedly onto the table while a male passenger on the other side of the seat bounced around, apparently trying to ignore the distraction and let the girl have her time.

During the recording, the girl’s parents made no attempt to stop her.

A Reddit post on r/PublicFreakout claims the incident, in which the child was allowed to “run wild”, happened on an eight-hour flight, but Independent have not verified that claim.

Commenters who saw the video mostly criticized the parents for allowing the child to misbehave and disrupt the flight, one of them calling the girl the “toddler from Hell”.

“How can parents not be embarrassed by this?” a user using “Goodie” wrote in response to a Sports Bar Stools a story about a naughty boy. “My kids are laughing too loud, we’ll shut them up.”

Another user, going by the name “a man”, recommended – hopefully sarcastically – to “throw the kid off the plane”.

On Reddit, one user reminded other redditors to “always clean your station,” referring to the tray table contaminated by the girl’s feet.

The replies weren’t all negative. Some users chastise passengers for using the seatback function and say that the child’s jump is a justifiable response.

Despite the fact that all seats recline and that reclining is allowed and is literally built into the chair, there are some people who believe using that function is impolite.

The boy’s footage doesn’t provide much context for what actually happened on the plane. It is unclear who recorded the video, when, where the child’s parents were, or what – if any – the girl’s relationship to the male passenger she disturbed.