In fact, Yeo Moriba has long resisted recounting these sinister adventures in his autobiography, already written at the time of the revelations about the blackmail suffered by one of his sons. She still dedicates an epilogue to him and declares to AFP that because of her, her elder Matthias de ella fell into “a trap, it was rigged, held by people close to us”. “We feel betrayed”spits, describing “big, big sharks”powered by “extreme jealousy”.

Throughout the rest of the book, it spreads over a “Worship” family, “the one with the round ball”, having played soccer when she was captain of a women’s team in Guinea, her native country. Yeo Moriba also retraces her own journey as an African immigrant woman, who came to France at the age of 19, who worked odd jobs to raise her children alone, including Florentin, the twin of Yeo Moriba. Mathias.