Russian fire on Ukrainian infrastructure on Wednesday led to widespread power and water outages, especially in Kyiv, killing at least six people, shutting down three nuclear power plants and affecting neighboring Moldova. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky thus condemned “crime against humanity”.

Russian strikes. On Wednesday, Russia fired about 70 cruise missiles into Ukraine, 51 of which were shot down, and sent five suicide drones, according to the Ukrainian Air Force. These shots are especially aimed at strategic infrastructure. According to the head of the Ukrainian police, Igor Klymenko, after these strikes, six dead and 36 injured should be regretted.

Effects. Energy infrastructure suffered and water supply “suspended all over Kyiv” because of the bombings. Work in the evening made it possible to restore electricity on the right bank of Kyiv, the regional authorities report. In addition, three nuclear power plants were built. “disabled” electrical network, without any consequences for the level of radiation at this stage. It should be noted that the supply of Zaporozhye (south), occupied by the Russians, has been stopped.

Moldova has suffered. Moldova, already suffering from serious energy problems caused by the war in Ukraine, has become a victim of “massive blackouts”Andrey Spinu, Deputy Prime Minister, complained to him.