According to The New York Times, Qatar decided on Friday, November 18, to ban the sale of beer in its stadiums during the World Cup.


Budweiser is a longtime World Cup partner.
Budweiser is a longtime World Cup partner.

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AGAINSTThis World Cup will definitely have a different flavor. By asking Budweiser to put their tents out of sight, Qatar would have simply asked the sponsor of the World Cup to pack their goods two days before the start of the competition. Thus, World Cup fans should, according to The newspaper “New York Times who disclose information, be content with soft drinks, and in particular Coca-Cola, another major sponsor of the event.

The information has been partly confirmed by FIFA, which explains in a press release that the decision was made to “remove beer outlets from the perimeter of the stadium” and “concentrate the sale of alcoholic beverages” in fan zones and authorized establishments “after negotiations between the authorities.” host country and FIFA. However, no explanation was given.

However, the organization’s official fan guide provided that “ticket holders [aient] access to Budweiser, Budweiser Zero and Coca-Cola products within the perimeter of the stadium” at least three hours before the game and within one hour after it. But beer will only remain allowed “in luxury suites reserved for International Federation of American Football (FIFA) officials” and other guests in the Muslim country, where the sale of alcohol is tightly controlled. Actually, The newspaper “New York Times ensures that football’s world governing body, FIFA, “can no longer fully control the major decisions relating to its event”.

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Budweiser, which is paying FIFA $75 million for the World Cup, has yet to react to the announcement, which is bound to dampen competition and create a contractual disaster.