ISometimes a trifle is enough to turn from an imperishable memory into a bitter memory. This is what happened to the Black Stars this Thursday, November 24th in Qatar. After committing a slight foul in front of American referee Ismail Elfat, Ghanaian defender Mohammed Salis offered a historic goal to Cristiano Ronaldo, who became the first player to score at least one goal in five different World Cups.

Against all odds, Portugal failed, forcing the militant Ghana (3-2) to submit to their first match of the 2022 World Cup in the euphoria-filled 974th stadium.

Ghana’s plan: keep well on the defensive

On the pitch, Ronaldo had long pursued the goal that would allow him to set this new record: to be the first to score at least one goal in five different World Cups. At first he missed a huge chance due to rough control (10e), then was stripped of the first goal for a foul on a defender (31e).

When Cristiano Ronaldo falls in the penalty area shortly before the hour mark of the 2022 World Cup match against Ghana, an incredible roar is heard from the stands of the 974th stadium in Doha. American Ismail Elfat does not hesitate: he points to a penalty.

Mohammed Salisu’s guilt can be insignificant? Regardless of. Three minutes later, during the usual protests of a sanctioned team, after carefully placing the ball, Ronaldo rushes and leaves Ghanaian goalkeeper Lawrence Ati-Zigi no chance, but started from the right side.

His dry shot opens the scoring, but above all, writes a new page in the CR7 legend. He runs to the corner of the field on the side of the Portuguese supporters to let out his usual hoarse cry and, as always, celebrate his goal with a full turn in the air. But, taking advantage of the moment, after a few seconds he joined his teammates in his own half of the field.

“When someone scores, you can only congratulate him, but it was a real gift,” said Ghana coach Otto Addo. “If you see the action again, we were playing ball, it was actually a foul against us,” he added.

Far from extinguishing the Black Stars and their formidable supporters, whose chants created a huge mood and their hoots may have broken Ronaldo’s ears, this goal really kicked off the game so far terribly.

Ghana equalized quickly thanks to André Ayew (73e).

offensive black stars

Portugal, determined not to spoil the evening for their captain, then reacted and showed the immensity of their offensive potential, taking off again on two winning accelerations from Joao Felix (78e) and the joker Rafael Leao (80e).

At 3-1, Fernando Santos thought he had finally tamed the Ghanaians and brought Ronaldo out to give him a standing ovation (87).e). But that’s not counting the Ghanaian spoiler, which will make CR7 jump off the bench several times, first quickly lowering the mark with Osman Bukari’s head, again in a fairly harmless act (89e). The Ghanaian striker indulged in a lèse majesté gesture, mimicking Ronaldo’s celebration by turning in the air with arms and legs outstretched!

Portugal trembled until the very end in a once again endless match (ten minutes of extra time), also due to some friction between the players of the two teams.

The Ghanaians were even close to a new surprise at this World Cup, but they failed to take advantage of the last careless mistake of the Lusitanian goalkeeper Diogo Costa, who did not see the opponent’s attacker dragging behind him (90 + 9).e).

Enough to pity Ghana a little, whose rough game plan she has long been keen to follow was primarily to see him come in with two lines of defense and nine outfielders grouped in his camp.

“We played ball and there was contact. I don’t know what VAR was looking at. But, if you look at the action, we were playing ball, it was actually a foul against us,” Addo added. “I asked the FIFA people if I could talk to the referee for a bit. [une fois le match terminé, NDLR]calmly, but I was told that it was impossible,” said the coach from Ghana.

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